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A short translation of Aussie slang

As an Aussie (aka Australian) in my adventures and travels I have worked out most of the world, more often than not occasion, have no idea what I am refereeing too when I speak or write.  So time for a lesson and some Aussie Slang words. 

In order to avoid (too much) confusion, below are some of the words you will come across in the pages and stories within my blog. It may or may not help to translate this Australian gals (girl) adventures. 

As an aside no one EVER says, “I’ll just go throw another shrimp on the barbie”.

Breakfast cook up of bacon and eggs in a cross country road trip while practicing some Aussie slang


  • Australian Slang: Breakfast
  • Translation: “We’ll grab some brekkie before hitting the road.”


  • Australian Slang: Service station or gas station.
  • Translation: “We need to stop at the servo to fill up the car.”


  • Australian Slang: Portable cooler for keeping drinks cold.
  • Translation: “Throw some cold drinks in the esky for the journey.”


  • Australian Slang: Mosquito.
  • Translation: “Make sure to pack some bug spray for those mozzies.”


  • Australian Slang: Short break or rest stop.
  • Translation: “Let’s take a breather and enjoy the view.”


  • Australian Slang: A can of beer or a small aluminum boat.
  • Translation: “Grab a tinny for the road, and let’s find a spot by the water to take the little tinny out.”


Ice cold beers in the outback pub as we drive cross country. Plenty of Aussie Slang being shared over a beer or two

These Aussie slang terms should help you navigate my travel conversations with a bit more ease!

Feel free to reach out if you come across any more gems throughout the blog that I might miss. Let’s expand this selection and continue to enlighten the world on the unique and vibrant Aussie way! Cheers!

A few more Aussie slang sayings you might come accross

Walkabout:  A saying taken from indigenous culture.

Taking a journey on foot. 
Often referred to from a work place perspective is someone has left their work station for a duration of time and not returned. 
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