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Step into your power and step outside your comfort zone

As we learn and embrace personal growth its often a challenge to step outside your comfort zone and be different.  Pushing the limits doesn’t always mean climbing a  physical mountain but more the internal challenges we come up against and need to climb.

As I open up with this mini motivational episode, I encourage you to seize control of your life and make the most of every day as unique you.

Let the Amor Exploring journey inspire you to make your way through life and explore your potential. Enjoying the experiencing every day and in every way instead of merely existing. 

Episode 1 – Step into your Power

Want my thoughts or perspective on a particular topic?

Ever thought about what I think about taking on wresting a crocodile, whipping up some home made pasta in Italy or cruising along the Canal du Midi on a bicycle? 

Yep, me too!

Curious about how I keep focused and stay on track with work, finances and family while I continue to soak in and  explore this great big country I call home and beyond? 

If you’ve got burning questions or just want to chat about anything on your mind, feel free to reach out and I will answer and share my insight from an Aussie girls perspective.  

Next episode:

In our next episode I will  share tips on learning and getting the most out of being present. 

From lectures, to journaling, driving, tours and generally being present ill offer the suggestions I have used and implemented so far in the Amor Exploring life. 

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Good times travel and Australian adventure

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