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Regional Airports - The Gateway to the Outback, Roma Queensland

Regional airports play a crucial role in connecting remote areas to the rest of the world, and Queensland, Australia, is no exception. Roma, located in Queensland, is a prime example of a town with a well-serviced regional airport.

Flights to Roma, Roma Queensland, small country Regional airport

Roma Airport Overview:

  • Airline Service: Roma Airport is currently serviced by REX (Regional Express) airlines, offering flights on most days of the week. REX is known for providing reliable regional air services in Australia.
  • Frequency: The airport handles approximately 100 flights per week, making it one of the busiest regional airports in Australia.
  • Runway Upgrade: In 2018, Roma Airport underwent a significant runway upgrade to accommodate the growing traffic and ensure the safety and efficiency of flights.
Boarding at a Regional airport aircraft

Travel Experience at Regional Airports:


  • Small Team Operations: One distinctive feature of regional airports is the small and close-knit team that manages various tasks, from the check-in counter to the ground crew. This creates a unique and often more personalized experience for travelers.
  • Boarding Ease: The simplicity and efficiency of the boarding process at regional airports contribute to a stress-free travel experience. Passengers can expect a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere compared to larger international airports.
Regional airport single propeller aircraft

Local Community Support:


  • Café Services: Roma Airport is serviced by a local café owner, offering passengers the opportunity to support the local community by enjoying coffee and snacks. This adds a touch of local flavor to the travel experience.

Amor Exploring on a light aircraft on the way to remote Ramingining, Northern Territory

Travel Tips:


  • Pricing Considerations: Due to the nature of regional flights and the services provided, the cost of flights to and from regional airports like Roma may be higher compared to more mainstream routes.

  • Entertainment and Delays: Like any airline, delays can occur. Travelers are advised to be prepared by bringing along a good book, headphones for podcasts or music, and any other entertainment to pass the time during potential delays.

Personal Recommendation:


  • Podcast Recommendation: While waiting for your flight, consider listening to “Keep Your Day Dream – KYD” by Marc and Tricia Leach. The podcast shares insights into the early days of building an RV travel lifestyle with three pre-teens and dreams of eventually becoming full-time boat dwellers.
  • Reading recommendation: If reading a page turner is more your style, one of my favorite’s is the classic self-help book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill explores the principles of success and wealth from his research with some of the greats of the time. This timeless classic presents key concepts such as the power of positive thinking, goal setting, and the importance of a burning desire for achieving success.

Exploring the Outback regions of Australia through well-serviced regional airports like Roma provides not only a gateway to these remote areas but also a unique travel experience that reflects the charm of the local communities.

Female professional pilot operating a single propeller plane
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