Amor Exploring

Caravan and car set up at a free camp for the trip north on the Stuart Highway

Step into the world of Amor Exploring. Long before I embraced the title of nomad I was a traveler. Navigating the road in my little car on weekenders, a journey overseas layered the foundation for my adventurous spirit. It opened up into an eventful road venture with a van and now holds true as my everyday life builds towards this fulltime lifestyle. 

I’m Kim Amor and I have a passion for driving, exploring, adventuring, teaching, sharing and meeting new people. Now before this sounds like a dating introduction let me provide a sneak peak into the story of how Amor Exploring came to life.

Embarking on my inaugural flight  I found myself on an international expedition to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to take on a three month contract at an elite boys sports summer camp.

As the plane delay on the tarmac unfolded, the Frank Sinatra classic, Come Fly With Me, came over the speakers in the cabin. It was much to my delight however, had quite significantly different effect on the passengers around as their frustration and restless grew. 

During that first intranational trip a spirited American Camp Director stood of the back of a ‘tinny’ (very Aussie slang there – take advantage of the ‘Short Translation of Aussie Slang’ page to get you on the same page) singing at the top of his lungs the classic Dean Martin That’s Amore….echoing through the air I always knew when it was time for the morning meeting.

In those moments, amidst the unexpected delay and impromptu musical performance, a trip to an emergency room (more about that some other time), my affection for international long-haul flights soared to new heights (pun intended). The love affair with the unique experiences that travel has to offer only grew. 

Before this international event came the coming of age for the moment when I obtained my converted drivers license.  (Unbeknown to me until my interstate adventures almost two decades later, Victoria Australia is one of the states that only grants an 18 year old the possession of a full drivers license) 

Frequently going for later night drives solely for the joy of cruising, often in the company of older (and wiser) friends, we would visit cafes in the elite suburb of Toorak or simply hang out in the car park at the local McDonalds.  Ah, the era when fuel prices were more forgiving and a university student could scrounge together a mear $5 from the car console and put a few liters in the tank. 

The pinnacle of these times was extensive road trips around Victoria,  often navigating  towards the tourist destinations of Phillip Island or around the meandering path of the Great Ocean Road with its dramatic and enchanting cliff faces.

Being a ‘local’ ment venturing into lesser known back road adventures and extended stays in those off the beaten tracks. Something I still cherish to this day.

Accommodation varied during these adventures, from my parents beach house (a blessing I still enjoy to this day) to my reliable tent and the welcome couches of old and new friends.

All of these experiences played a pivotal role in fueling the passion that has become Amor Exploring. Spanning from local roads to international journeys,  I am now sharing the moments that I was continually encouraged to write about. Join me and lets go Amor Exploring. 

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